Cater Business Park - Environmental Policy Statement

Aim - To be a resource efficient, cost effective and low-carbon business location with a longer term aim to gain a reputation as a centre of environmental good practice and excellence.

Objectives - We seek to achieve this Aim by collectively supporting and encouraging business focus upon:

  • Waste minimisation - reduce the amounts and costs of materials wasted and maximise the proportion recycled
  • Energy demand - reduce the cost of energy through change in usage behaviour and introduction of efficient equipment
  • Energy supply - optimise the tariffs being paid and investigate alternative means of energy generation
  • Water - eliminate unnecessary use and reduce essential use of water
  • Transport (business travel) - address the issues of fuel efficiency in the purchase and use of vehicles
  • Transport (commuting) - encourage the adoption of staff travel plans, promoting for example car sharing, cycling, walking and public transport
  • Pollution - encourage and support all businesses to run all processes in the cleanest possible way
  • Buying and Selling Policies - encourage environmental good practice in the purchase and selling of company goods and services
  • Environmental Management Systems - refer companies planning to adopt an Environmental Management System towards available subsidised support and training

Companies trading on Cater Business Park have decided through consultation that the Business Park as a whole and the Businesses trading within it should promote good environmental practice. The Board of Directors of Cater Business Park Traders Group Ltd have therefore considered and produced with the assistance of external bodies the above Environmental Aim and Objectives.

For further information contact the Estate Office 0117 978 3654 or ku.oc.krapssenisubretac@thginkm

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