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BLOCK 22, 59 Whitchurch Lane, Bishopsworth, Bristol BS13 7TE
phone0800 1690190
  • Universal Jobmatch, our online recruitment service, allows you the freedom to manage your own vacancies and match suitable candidates
  • Personal contact with one of our dedicated Employer Advisers
  • Access to interview space
  • Bespoke recruitment solutions
  • Jobsfairs
  • Access to current initiatives, including Work Trials and approved Work Experience placements
  • We are currently supporting the health and disability agenda for recruitment advice to employers
Contact Julie Barry, your Employer Adviser for more information about these services 0117 9913845 or e-mail ku.vog.isg.pwd@yrrab.eiluj

Wishing To Advertise A Job Vacancy At No Cost?

BID companies wishing to advertise a job vacancy at no cost should make contact with ku.oc.krapssenisubretac@thginkm.


Business Units Currently Available

Block / Unit # Unit Type & Size Tenure
Unit 2, Cater Road Warehouse Unit
3,445 SQ FT
business units
Contact - Burston Cook 0117 934 9977
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Block / Unit # Unit Type & Size Tenure
Block 5, Cater Road External Storage / Yard / Parking
1.31 Acres
available block
Contact - CBRE 0117 943 5757
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